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Virtual Help Desk

Virtual Help DeskOur virtual virtual help desk service can provide you with a friendly, professional call answering and messaging service, online calendar management, client database management and even team management and sales support all tailored to fit your needs.

To your callers, it’s as if we were sitting in your office!

Answering prospective client calls and turning them into new clients is crucial to growing your business. Our virtual help desk team ensures you NEVER MISS A NEW-CLIENT OPPORTUNITY, giving you the time to complete the important tasks in your day.

Your Gretchen Virtual Help Desk team love to create positive experiences and engage your callers with professionalism and friendliness. We treat each of your callers as if they were our own.

So how does it work? It’s simple and seamless! Our live reception team can help you become organised, prepared and in control.

Contact us today to get started and ask about our 7 day free trial for our professional virtual help desk service.