Support for your Business

The Gretchen Story

Gretchen Operations was founded by people who’s driving passion is to provide exceptional customer care on behalf of businesses that can’t always answer their phones.

Let’s do the things that we would like done to us. By seeing first-hand how customer service was viewed as a ‘cost’ rather than a ‘valuable resource’ by organisations and how customers were craving just to be acknowledged, makes us provide more effective, local support.

Combined with seeing the daily challenges faced in the trade services industry where answering the phone could in fact endanger his life while on the job, or customers do not return when you are not concentrating solely on the customer in front of you, sparked an idea to create a company that did more than just answer your phone calls…but delivered a level of service that exceeded caller’s expectations. Not only leaving callers feeling acknowledged, but truly cared for and understood.

The phrase ‘virtual receptionist’ is kind of a dirty word around Gretchen Operations. Our local customer carer team are known as the Go Team Carers because that’s what they do…CARE! We care about your business, your reputation, your goals and most importantly your callers.

We are proud to be a wholly owned and operated, award-winning Australian business, employing local people in our Capalaba Operations Centre.

Our mission is very simple…it is to CARE.