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Our Terrific Team


Yes, we are REAL LIVE PEOPLE that answer your calls.

We are proud to be AUSTRALIAN based and ALL our team at Gretchen live and work in this great country.

We come from all different backgrounds but one thing is the same…we have a CARING ATTITUDE.

Check some of us out below….



Hi I’m Kirsten

To me the medical practise support side is my favorite. I enjoy guiding a customer to find the best practitioner and being dedicated. I continue to learn so much here and now have high standards about the care I would like to receive from other businesses and services I use in my life. Getting outdoors with my family and my two horses keep me grounded and aiming to win a few ribbons this year in dressage.


Hi I’m Kirsty-Lee

I’m nicknamed “Pocket Rocket”. Tiny in statue but I just love co-ordinating and being totally hands on. If I can’t find it, no one can and I have the sunniest outlook. Triaging and problem solving through the different systems ensures I am never bored. The work variety and the other Carers who just jump in to help when it is needed at Gretchen truly make it the best environment. The big plus is I get to spend my mornings with my horse, Winston and the rest of my animals (yes I have a small farm) before clocking in as a Go Team Operation Carer and changing the world.


Hi I’m Chris

I bring the high fives to our team and customers can’t get enough of the good vibes from good service, atmosphere and working together. My past trade and technical service background brings a lot to understanding what happens out there in the field and scheduling your teams.
Yes I pick up my kids from school, make dinner and spend a lot of time with our horses outside being an Operations Carer. When I need that man cave time you will find me in the music room, rocking out on the drums, recording a track or strumming the guitar.


Hi I’m Harmony

It gets to me when I can’t work things out. I love the systems, diary management and making sure there is a good flow of work. Family has always been very important to me thanks to being apart of a big extended family.  I have been told I have an excellent singing voice and love heading down to the beach to clear the head, read and chill out.  At Local Customer Carers we get to understand what we are working in and where we make a difference. Seeing the outcomes makes our work count and allows us to change and improve.


Hi I’m Laura
My nickname from friends is “Chatterbox” because I just LOVE to talk and engage!  A close second is music and heading to the beach.  I am learning just how much our personal actions and interactions impact the business people and customers we support.  I am proud to be working at Your Local Customer Carers and I am able to show my son great work ethic and that his Mum is involved in helping others.


Hi I’m Kristy-Lee

When my family moved to Melbourne, I was valued enough to keep working within Local Customer Carers. Our use of technology and team approach despite my distance from the care centre has allowed me to continue to be a valued team member and I truly just feel like I am just in the next room. I feel great when I can see how I am helping people within the businesses we support and working out new and exciting ways to achieve different outcomes. Go Team Go!


Hi I’m Julie

Working behind the scenes because I enjoy the checks, spreadsheets and invoicing.  You generally see my name on your invoice emails and often help our Operations Captain responding to your business customer questions.  For several years now I have worked with the team allowing me more flexibility with my family and still feeling an important part of the operations of Local Customer Carers by completing the needed support tasks that I am naturally great at.