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Still Considering Whether Virtual Office Services Are For You?

Then please see what some of our existing customers say about our service…


“Thanks to Team GO for all their efforts and energy in filling our books, communicating well and supporting our work.  Here’s to a great day, weekend and Spring season. Gratitude to you lot.  Sept 2018

Mat Commercial Cleaners QLD
“Warm fussy for the arvo… Trish our client commented in her appointment how lovely the girl answering the phone was today and so profesh. Well done and thank you GO Team – you are an ASSET to the team here.   June 2018

Em Women's Health - NSW
“I wanted to let my GO Carers know how happy I am with them. I have tried many answering services in the past and I have not been happy with and that you carers at Gretchen – Local Customer Carers are the best.   June 2018

Allison Cleaning Network NSW

Sending Champagne and chocolates to my Go Team Co-ordinators. Since you started in September 2014 we have a 23% increase in monthly sales income and we can now expand into other states thanks to the systems we have built together, tested and obviously are working. Go Team Go!!

Mel Online Beauty Products Website
Hi Go Team. Thanks so much helping out with all the Christmas ordering. Your help has been just awesome. We have really been able to concentration on getting all the deliveries out.
Adam Acupuncture Clinic
Hi Go Team. Had my first appointment this morning. They went to google, found my website, found my number, called you, you booked them in and then the appointment showed up on my cliniko calendar. It feels so easy! This is exactly how I was hoping it would all go down. I am loving this arrangement already.
Nick Steel Building Industry
Andrea, Between yourself & the other ladies in the Go Team, you have done an exceptional job today. If I were an outsider, it would be hard to pick that you where not here in my office “worthy of an Academy Award”.
Yvonne Non-For Profit
One thing I can absolutely guarantee and that is GRETCHEN OPERATIONS provides the BEST customer service and business attitude to their and OUR clients. It is always a treat to hear the way Andrea and her staff handle our calls.
Connor Tree Lopping Industry
OMG – You guys are sensational. The way you answer the calls is sensational. Our business owner just heard the wav. files and really had no idea what we were going to do. Gretchen people sound just like real sales people and so so real. our services now just makes it all so much more professional.
Shane Event Hire Industry
That large commercial builder client thinks we are too expensive. The work that was done yesterday for them was exceptional and goes to show that we are the best. Thank you to all carers involved in the customer care and operations in making this happen. I doubt the client was meant to come us as they prefer to use a different company that is cheaper but when they let him down and deliver crap to his clients then they always come back to us because WE DELIVER on our services. Our Hire business is number one and it’s because of the team involved.
Karen Printing Industry
Andrea let me assure you the services and carer’s at your business are superb and certainly make my life easier.
Jane Education Industry
Gretchen Operations has provided our Virtual Communication Services for some time now. The staff are highly professional and capable carers who provide a seamless flow of calls to our business. My clients often comment that they were unaware that they were not speaking to someone onsite in our office. A wonderful investment to free up my time to get on with other aspects of business building. Highly recommend them.
Ana Solicitor
They’re always punctual, flexible and are able to go above and beyond what a secretarial role usually entails. It is so reassuring to know that our first point of contact with our clients is done with such professionalism.

Thank you and we look forward to using your services now and long into the future.

Kate Osteopathy & Therapy Industry
Thanks so much for your great work over the past week. I’m very impressed! I’m almost certain you guys will be making us busier as you are have fabulous customer service skills and such a lovely manner over the phone with our patients.


Nina National Service Provider
Care is really taken in big steps in our systems and you think outside the square. It still surprises me that in 2013 we save over $40K in operating costs thanks to bringing Gretchen’s team and infrastructure into play. Why didn’t I do it sooner..
Von Special Care Central Hub
Andrea, I just need to say that the service you and your team provide has taken a lot of added pressure off me and absolutely worth every cent ( which is not huge). Right now to be able to respond to calls at my available timing and not be interrupted with current train of thought, is worth a fortune to me. So glad you encouraged me to consider this option. Thank you again and love the service and the courteous manner in which the calls are answered. Cheers for a great weekend to you and your carer team.
Justin S. Office Equipment Industry
Half of all the calls taken by Gretchen’s Team has resulted in signed new business. It really takes the hassles out of office work. They always sound so friendly. They take the extra steps necessary to learn about your business so it’s really like people are calling your company’s office
Glenn Carpet Cleaner
I divert my phones to Gretchen, the jobs appear in by automated calender and I get on with doing the servicing. Customers are happier to see me, no hassles about payment, thank me and I’m less stressed. I just call into Gretchen if I need assistance or rescheduling. Not a problem. PS: I was fully booked for 5 weeks straight. A Record.
Jenni Career Expert and public speaker
It may not seem like we get many calls or busy, but nearly all the calls converted to business, including one that converted to a $15 000 contract so I’m very happy how things are going & delighted not to be fielding calls myself.
Brent Electronic Security Business
Just thought would let you know that when we started with Gretchen in Feb 2011 we were in the red. We reviewed our P&L, accounts and our financials are now in the black by $30k. Thank you, operations with Gretchen has really made a massive difference…
Peter Sales Strategist
I get stage fright in admin. The technology skill set is difficult. Gretchen’s business model supports with answers and solutions for these road blocks. The peace of mind takes over. Thank you, Gretchen team..

Let me know if you have any questions – this will be the biggest priority for you – so don’t delay.