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Is your staff turnover ruining your business reputation?

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Find yourself ploughing through staff faster than a hot knife through butter? Cant for the life of you figure out what is happening and how to keep those staff firmly in place at your business? Read on, business owners……

Any large amount of employee turnover can, simply put, ruin your business. The reason isnt the number of employees who leave, but the reasons and circumstances surrounding their hasty exit, that may leave your business on its last legs. Now, don’t get the wrong idea here, staff turnover is necessary for an organization to thrive and be successful, however, excessive turnover can and will disrupt the morale of your workplace and lead to a dissatisfied and unproductive workforce. (more…)

Your New Years Resolutions: Still struggling?

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Struggling with your New Years resolutions..?

Every year, everybody starts talking, with great intentions and enthusiasm, about their forthcoming pledges and resolutions for the New Year. You may be among those who believe New Years resolutions are a big fat cliché, and a waste of time, and you may just be right!Who among us has made New Years Resolutions with all the best intentions, only to falter a mere 2 weeks into the new year? Which begs the question: Just how effective are these Resolutions? Is it motivating us or causing us to fail?

Motivation: How to keep yours!

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We have all experienced that moment in the morning when we wake up feeling less than motivated at starting a new day. This feeling continues to affect you during the course of your day and leaves you feeling drained, emotional and disengaged with the world. It affects how you interact with your staff and customers and also interferes with your perception of the world at large. So how do we get our Motivation back? Read on…

Staying Sane Through Growth Spurts

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Have you taken on a new client, won a new contract or experienced an influx of new clients that is great for your business, but seems bad for your health? It is a given that all small business owners fist pump when they land a new account or contract that is going to bring them in substantial funding, however the affect that this new business is going to have on staff and existing clients is often not considered.

Taking on the business of a large client is wonderful and does open up opportunities for small business owners, but first and foremost you need to ensure that you have the resources to cover the growing burden which is the workload. Your business needs to be sufficiently staffed, the staff need to be effectively trained, and you as the business owner need to be prepared if there is short falll in any area.

Customer Services: The hard truth and 5 ways to make it work for your business

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Take a closer look at your service.

Take a closer look at your service.

Are you boasting about your business’s exception customer service in your marketing, sales pitch or guarantee but are hit and miss in real life?  Despite the fact that satisfied customers keep coming back and gaining their loyalty it is your most important target.  So how can you guarantee great customer interactions that will mean return business and positive word of mouth referrals?  Here are 5 ways to ensure effective customer interactions.


The Rise of the Virtual Service…

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The Rise of the Virtual Service…

We have all heard those sayings that regularly get trotted out when discussing customer care businesses: The customer is always right is one of my personal favourites. Another is: Customer needs have an unsettling way of not staying satisfied for very long, which is very true for most consumers in this day and age.

Friday Funny

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Signs Your Business Might Need A Virtual Office

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1. Your employees are having difficulty completing their work because of frequent phone interruptions. A virtual office would handle most of these calls, letting your crew stay on task and work more efficiently and integrating in with your business.

2. Your sales team is making paper airplanes. In this case, you need a virtual office that can funnel high quality, information rich leads and document to keep your sales people busy, organised, engaging and growing your business.