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It’s Good To Be Put On Hold During Your Call

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Dear Caller,
It was always about you, Dear Caller.
Did you know that when we put you on hold, this is so we can help you best?
It is a good thing.
Sometimes we don’t have the answers for all your weird and wonderful questions right at our finger tips but we can find out.

For example;

Do you remember that time you were asked to hold after asking for an appointment the same night after 6pm when our office actually closes at 5pm.  Well I, your Customer Carer was checking to see if one of our practitioners would be happy enough to stay back and fit you in.

Or perhaps you might remember the time I asked if you would mind holding while I check the schedule for you.  What we didn’t want you to know or to raise alarm and affect your trust with us was that the computer system has been playing up for the last 30 mins.  I am double checking and ensuring helping you will be correct and as anticipated.

As real people we answer your call to listen and get the direction as to where to go to help you best.  We use technology and knowledge bases to provide you the caller the answers and invite you to do more with the business while attempting to keep your trust and engagement.

However to prevent the uncomfortable silence or you getting that feeling we do not know what we are doing  we will place you on hold to refresh a system, get the right answer, double check, consult a college and be able to say yes instead of no or have all the available options so we can give you the best choices. It was always about you.

In Kind,

Your Carer – Kirsten
Carer Kirsten Local Customer Carers

4 Pet Peeves Of Your Virtual Receptionist

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Our Virtual Reception Customer Carer’s spend their days putting the hats on as different businesses and attempting to put their best foot forward for the array of businesses they are answering calls for.  Since we are preforming the roles of the in-house scheduler or receptionist but off site this means we are also out of sight from the business.  This can result in literally a lack of thought by the business and it’s employees, practitioners and contractors making the vital role to support, build their client base and providing help often difficult and sometimes strained.

Real Customer Carer at Gretchen – Your Local Customer Carers

It’s time to share some of your Virtual Customer Carer people’s 4 pet peeves;

  1.  Your calendar today indicates availability and you are in the house, ready to see a client.  The virtual reception wins you a new patient or return client but you have stepped out for a coffee or errand and did not make a note, advise or block out the time not truely available for a client.  The same day booked client calls back because no one is onsite and they want to know what is happening.   The hunt is on to find you…
  2.  The Business people call their clients, leave messages to call back but do not advise anywhere on the client file, log, note, dashboard or job what they were calling about.  This starts the tag team of return calls, sms or emails.
  3. Not being on time.  Everyone knows when they are starting to run late and then each appointment gets progressively later and later.  Business people and practitioners need to get better at putting their hand up and stating, “I am running behind” to prevent dissatisfied customers who followed your business rules, attended on time and become dissatisfied.  Please prevent the customer blow up, negative review and the ripple effect of uncomfortable engagements, extended family stress and lost time.
  4. Starting a new advertising, SEO, discount offer campaign without advising your virtual reception customer care team.  It is a bit embarrassing when the customer ends up advising the customer care team.  This results in a customer care team chasing their tales, looking unprofessional, checking your website and determining if this is a legitimate new offer or is this caller trying to get a discount from your business.  This always makes it hard for a virtual customer care team to roster enough bodies here to answer the expected influx of calls and make the most of your advertising spend.

Your Virtual  Reception Customer Carers love what they do and believe in the team sport of your business.  Great customer care receptionists are focused on the business objectives of securing new clients from inquiry and welcoming existing clients to spend more time around your business because your business is worth it and actually helps people.  Your Virtual Customer Carers are real people who use their real names and therefore endorse your work and support when we answer on behalf of your business.

Through better communication from the business whom employs virtual reception, ensures the best of care and trust for their callers.

When the whole team works together it is a win win for all involved.

Author: Andrea Blunden

Local Customer Carers

Here to help: 1300 740 078

Offshoring and Outsourcing is not limiting

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Offshoring and Outsourcing is not limiting
Australian Outsourcing - you have options

Australian Outsourcing – you have options

Andrea Blunden the Director of Operations at Gretchen – Your Local Customer Carers and the GO Team Carers is Australia’s answer to customised, proactive customer care, virtual reception while logging into your business systems. Here to help when call centres and employees just don’t cut it.

“Each year the average company loses 10-15% of it’s customer base” (Bain & Company)

The debate rages on as to whether the expertise to conduct the traditional outsourced roles and now also customer care, help desk, reception and service roles is right for your local business or will it bring more sources of dissatisfaction – mainly with the thought of the loss of direct control over key customer influence areas like securing that new customer or offering alternative ventures.

Offshoring overseas can be awesome for the hip pocket in back stage business works, including websites, SEO, data entry, marketing, creating visuals and content development.  Time zone differences can mean, while you sleep your works are continuing to be completed and beat traditional deadlines.  The down side is the issue of catch up with your contacts, expressing your ideas and then the understanding of these to the desired delivery.  Cultural differences and language barriers can prove interesting, mistake ridden and frustrating.

Outsourcing your reception services are not limited to help desk and customer service.  Yes you can outsource to Australian owned and operated Reception services that do not outsource overseas, like Gretchen – Your Local Customer Carers.  This particular service is as diverse as it can get depending on the scope and requirement of your business.  Outsourced reception services for your business is not a new venture, not all small business organizations understand the importance of outsourcing their customer help requirements and how it can help you improve your business operation without acquiring additional cost.

The best news is outsourcing is no longer a dirty word and it is smart thinking to leverage your time.  New and existing customers wish to engage with your business using different channels like phone, email, sms, website contact forms, booking online, subscribing, social media.  In Australia, where it is easy to start your own business, go out on your own and offer your service or product, the actual cost to run said business is high.  Employee costs rank at the top of this list in potential overheads and the biggest threat to a customer loyal retaining business.

Telephone answering differs from many other operational functions in its intimacy and the weight of responsibility it carries as Customer Carers protect the client’s brand, help shape the reputation and do more than just take details.  Who want’s to have their details taken these days?  Not many, but we do want to have an experience, feel we are heard and the person on the phone can answer and almost anticipate our reservations, questions and be informative.  This in turn gives the caller that sense they have called the right place and stop the search which is already open on their mobile google search.

Understanding the benefits of outsourcing and how it can help improve your business is essential if you are looking for better ways to increase your profitability and work efficiency without losing the connection to your existing and potential customer base.  Take the time to touch base and brain storm to get your best outcomes.  Stop assuming and find out.


Here to answer questions,

Author:  Andrea Blunden

Local Customer Carers ph: 1300 740 078






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4 Business Stats you too can check like the Entrepreneurs

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It’s just after the end of financial year and we are seeing business clients start to really look at their business and closely watch the following so they can be more timely in their response to customer actions.

It is time to ensure busy calendars, better marketing, stop wasting money and follow ups achieved for winning business.

You Too Can Do These Business Checks;

⌚ Check your conversion rates per calls, emails, facebook requests or contact forms of not just new leads but also returning customers or session book in’s of clients per team member.

⌚ Check that the work flows after you receive a call or client contact are optimised to not miss a client need.  So much business is lost after you said you would return to them and maybe you did not or delayed.

⌚ Check the time frame between client requests and physical actioning. Are you getting those quotes done in 48hrs?

Are we returning with answers to our clients in 4hrs? Are we completing the tasks/jobs within 2hrs?

⌚ The Brave List called and or emailed. The brave list is you contacting the clients who have cancelled or no shows and inviting them to come back, reschedule a time or date or ask what has stopped them from continuing with your business.

Take some time to work on your business and complete these 4 checks allowing you to evolve and move with market changes quickly.

If your have holes in your basket of customer care, scheduling and co-ordinating, Go Team Carers at Gretchen – Your Local Customer Carers can help. A quick brain storm can often provide new ideas, clarity and cost effective leveraging of your current business and team.

Please do call: 1300 740 078 or drop a line to

Author: Andrea Blunden – Operations Captain

Gretchen – Your Local Customer Carers

Yes – I Am A Real Person On Your Phone Call

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Yes – I Am A Real Person On Your Phone Call

Hi, my name is Jakki and you’ll be talking to me when you call in. Yes! I am a real live person and yes I do have a family to go home to each night and not just crawl back under a desolate rock.

Kind of like when you were a child or a teenager at school and it was weird seeing one of your teachers shopping at Coles with their family. It’s like – hang on – What? No they didn’t live under rocks, they have a life like you and neither do my team members here at Local Customer Carers.

Carers are real people

Carers are real people

Yes your GO Team Carers have bills to pay, hobbies and gym memberships, ride horses and some of us are hanging out for that Friday afternoon where we can put our feet up and enjoy a beautiful glass of red.

I have the best personality when dealing with your calls whether you are a business client, patient or customer. I completely Rock with managing, organizing and finding the easiest solutions to any concern that may arise.

I can do this with CARE because I have been trained, encouraged that it is safe to be intimate and I recognize you on the end of the phone as a real live person like me trying to make your own way in this world. So we have common ground already.

Never one to be a conservationist, I was very straightforward, almost rigid due to my legal background and past employment at the Airport. Working here at Gretchen – Your Local Customer Carers has taught me a lot about engaging, being resourceful, researching and treating YOU like I would like to be treated and make the most of every interaction.

Enjoy Your Day, Written by: Carer Jakki

“One of the most proactive Customer Carers working in the businesses around Australia who boast about the best customer care done by their team. It just so happens to be done by me and my fellow Customer Carers.” Carer Jakki

Local Customer Carers brings Gretchen into it’s next phase

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Press Release: 11/04/2016

Gretchen Consultants Pty Ltd sold it’s operations to Local Customer Carers Pty Ltd on 6/4/2016.
Andrea Blunden takes on the sole directorship of Local Customer Carers and is proud to ensure all your favorite Go Team people are here to continue helping the existing businesses and also those that are now ready to leverage their businesses and enjoy the best of outsourced customer care.

Local Customer Carers is excited to take Gretchen into it’s next growth phrase, look after it’s employee family team and develop new alliances, tap into a greater customer base while looking to provide more employment opportunities for hard working and smart Australians.

GO Peeps

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GO Peeps

Go Gretchen Operations

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Go Gretchen Operations

Stay On Top Instead of Living with Fear of being Pushed out of the Market

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Surprise a virtual office working with you is a great combination.

Hearing a lot of business people fearful of competitors pushing lower pricing and concentrating in their town. Fear of being pushed out of the market and how do they survive?

In response below is six strategies that go beyond customer service and are actually sound strategies for a company of any size, not just small business. In reality the threat of competition is the same no matter if the new business in town you have just become aware of is a major franchise, chain, big front door websites etc or another small business that everyone is talking about.

1. Make It More than About The Product
Yes, customer service comes into play. Your business may not be able to provide a lower price for goods and services, so it MUST offer the customer another advantage. By consistently, that is right consistently providing a higher level of customer service beyond getting the sale, better overall customer experience, your business can start distancing itself from the competition.

2. Offer Unique Products and Services
“There is a small hardware store that is always busy despite the fact that it is just down the street from a Home Depot. It studied the completion and offers products that the big Store Doesn’t. The strategy has worked so well that the Home Depot will refer customers to the hardware store for items that id does not stock.” A virtual office offering assistance to your callers can ensure your business is the one to ask.

3. Stop Thinking People Know. Tell Your Customers About The Advantages
You know your business. You know what is different. You can see that you have advantages over the competition. In addition to the customer service, products and services you sell, what else really separates your business? Start making a bullet point list, print it out and put it in front of you so it is easy to tell the next customer.

4. Get Active In The Community
Be open to involvement in your local communities charity organizations, clubs, chambers of commerce, church, school fetes etc. Your scope of involvement and networking can be local, national or even global.

5.Let Your Happy Customers Be Your Advocates
Keep in touch with your customers and engage them in helping to promote your business. Your Virtual office or Virtual Reception should naturally assist with such. Make use of all forms of communication that is appropriate – phone, email, mail, cards, social media etc. Help your happy customers be seen by their friends, family, colleagues and business customers as a credible source and receive recognition with the help of their promotion of your business.

6.Make It Valuable To Continue Doing Business With You
This is one of my favorite points. Make a formal loyalty program offering incentives for continuing to do business with you. Maybe create a pricing structure for ongoing services for the regular customer or the customer within a passive income program only available to that group of customer.
Surprising customers when they engage with you has massive value and ongoing returns when others start talk about your business during the next week, month or year beyond.

This is by no means a complete list of strategies your business can use. The point is start the doing of the likes of above. Action removes the fear of being out of control of the situation. Gretchen Operations is a Australian Virtual Office centre that actively works with business’s who recognize these points. We naturally engage with your inbound customers and create real connection with your customers, your brand and speed up the customer relationship from prospect to Raving Fan. If you are not using Gretchen Operations please give us a call or email us to work out how we can help with your awesome customer care, CRM and or team organizations in your business for your business.

Trusting you have noticed the 6 points above are all low cost options that you can start using not tomorrow but today. Have a Great Week. Gretchen Operations Captain
(Article Adaption from : Steph Hyken)