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4 Business Stats you too can check like the Entrepreneurs

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It’s just after the end of financial year and we are seeing business clients start to really look at their business and closely watch the following so they can be more timely in their response to customer actions.

It is time to ensure busy calendars, better marketing, stop wasting money and follow ups achieved for winning business.

You Too Can Do These Business Checks;

⌚ Check your conversion rates per calls, emails, facebook requests or contact forms of not just new leads but also returning customers or session book in’s of clients per team member.

⌚ Check that the work flows after you receive a call or client contact are optimised to not miss a client need.  So much business is lost after you said you would return to them and maybe you did not or delayed.

⌚ Check the time frame between client requests and physical actioning. Are you getting those quotes done in 48hrs?

Are we returning with answers to our clients in 4hrs? Are we completing the tasks/jobs within 2hrs?

⌚ The Brave List called and or emailed. The brave list is you contacting the clients who have cancelled or no shows and inviting them to come back, reschedule a time or date or ask what has stopped them from continuing with your business.

Take some time to work on your business and complete these 4 checks allowing you to evolve and move with market changes quickly.

If your have holes in your basket of customer care, scheduling and co-ordinating, Go Team Carers at Gretchen – Your Local Customer Carers can help. A quick brain storm can often provide new ideas, clarity and cost effective leveraging of your current business and team.

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Author: Andrea Blunden – Operations Captain

Gretchen – Your Local Customer Carers

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