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Yes – I Am A Real Person On Your Phone Call

Yes – I Am A Real Person On Your Phone Call

By on Jun 23, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Hi, my name is Jakki and you’ll be talking to me when you call in. Yes! I am a real live person and yes I do have a family to go home to each night and not just crawl back under a desolate rock.

Kind of like when you were a child or a teenager at school and it was weird seeing one of your teachers shopping at Coles with their family. It’s like – hang on – What? No they didn’t live under rocks, they have a life like you and neither do my team members here at Local Customer Carers.

Carers are real people

Carers are real people

Yes your GO Team Carers have bills to pay, hobbies and gym memberships, ride horses and some of us are hanging out for that Friday afternoon where we can put our feet up and enjoy a beautiful glass of red.

I have the best personality when dealing with your calls whether you are a business client, patient or customer. I completely Rock with managing, organizing and finding the easiest solutions to any concern that may arise.

I can do this with CARE because I have been trained, encouraged that it is safe to be intimate and I recognize you on the end of the phone as a real live person like me trying to make your own way in this world. So we have common ground already.

Never one to be a conservationist, I was very straightforward, almost rigid due to my legal background and past employment at the Airport. Working here at Gretchen – Your Local Customer Carers has taught me a lot about engaging, being resourceful, researching and treating YOU like I would like to be treated and make the most of every interaction.

Enjoy Your Day, Written by: Carer Jakki

“One of the most proactive Customer Carers working in the businesses around Australia who boast about the best customer care done by their team. It just so happens to be done by me and my fellow Customer Carers.” Carer Jakki

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