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Stay On Top Instead of Living with Fear of being Pushed out of the Market

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Surprise a virtual office working with you is a great combination.

Hearing a lot of business people fearful of competitors pushing lower pricing and concentrating in their town. Fear of being pushed out of the market and how do they survive?

In response below is six strategies that go beyond customer service and are actually sound strategies for a company of any size, not just small business. In reality the threat of competition is the same no matter if the new business in town you have just become aware of is a major franchise, chain, big front door websites etc or another small business that everyone is talking about.

1. Make It More than About The Product
Yes, customer service comes into play. Your business may not be able to provide a lower price for goods and services, so it MUST offer the customer another advantage. By consistently, that is right consistently providing a higher level of customer service beyond getting the sale, better overall customer experience, your business can start distancing itself from the competition.

2. Offer Unique Products and Services
“There is a small hardware store that is always busy despite the fact that it is just down the street from a Home Depot. It studied the completion and offers products that the big Store Doesn’t. The strategy has worked so well that the Home Depot will refer customers to the hardware store for items that id does not stock.” A virtual office offering assistance to your callers can ensure your business is the one to ask.

3. Stop Thinking People Know. Tell Your Customers About The Advantages
You know your business. You know what is different. You can see that you have advantages over the competition. In addition to the customer service, products and services you sell, what else really separates your business? Start making a bullet point list, print it out and put it in front of you so it is easy to tell the next customer.

4. Get Active In The Community
Be open to involvement in your local communities charity organizations, clubs, chambers of commerce, church, school fetes etc. Your scope of involvement and networking can be local, national or even global.

5.Let Your Happy Customers Be Your Advocates
Keep in touch with your customers and engage them in helping to promote your business. Your Virtual office or Virtual Reception should naturally assist with such. Make use of all forms of communication that is appropriate – phone, email, mail, cards, social media etc. Help your happy customers be seen by their friends, family, colleagues and business customers as a credible source and receive recognition with the help of their promotion of your business.

6.Make It Valuable To Continue Doing Business With You
This is one of my favorite points. Make a formal loyalty program offering incentives for continuing to do business with you. Maybe create a pricing structure for ongoing services for the regular customer or the customer within a passive income program only available to that group of customer.
Surprising customers when they engage with you has massive value and ongoing returns when others start talk about your business during the next week, month or year beyond.

This is by no means a complete list of strategies your business can use. The point is start the doing of the likes of above. Action removes the fear of being out of control of the situation. Gretchen Operations is a Australian Virtual Office centre that actively works with business’s who recognize these points. We naturally engage with your inbound customers and create real connection with your customers, your brand and speed up the customer relationship from prospect to Raving Fan. If you are not using Gretchen Operations please give us a call or email us to work out how we can help with your awesome customer care, CRM and or team organizations in your business for your business.

Trusting you have noticed the 6 points above are all low cost options that you can start using not tomorrow but today. Have a Great Week. Gretchen Operations Captain
(Article Adaption from : Steph Hyken)

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