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Motivation: How to keep yours!

By on Dec 4, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

We have all experienced that moment in the morning when we wake up feeling less than motivated at starting a new day. This feeling continues to affect you during the course of your day and leaves you feeling drained, emotional and disengaged with the world. It affects how you interact with your staff and customers and also interferes with your perception of the world at large. So how do we get our Motivation back? Read on…

  • Work out exactly what your limits are. As business Owners/Managers you need to recognize your limits to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed on a day to day basis. If you are struggling with keeping up to date with your scheduling/phone answering/product movement, you may want to consider investing in an outside resource to manage these areas for you. This frees up your time to focus on your area of specialty and creativity.
  • Talk to a mentor. Remember you are never alone! There is always someone out there that can lend an ear and offer objective ideas/solutions or just to help you brainstorm. Join a local networking group and find like-minded individuals that you can use as sounding boards.
  • Manage your time and schedule effectively! Do you find yourself constantly racing from one side of the city to another to fit in all your meetings/appointments? (Yes, I hear half of you shouting!) Find an effective calendar management app (Such as Pocket Informant) and use it! Get firm with loading your appointments and check your schedule at least 2 days ahead. This will give you time to coordinate your travel time to the meetings and to reschedule if required.
  • Recognise your achievements. Make note of them and celebrate them because you DESERVE it! Recognition of your achievements is going to raise your motivation levels and help you stay focused on the bigger picture. And lets face it, if you don’t recognise and celebrate them, who will??
  • Change is as good as a holiday (or so the saying goes…..) Change up your office, move the desks, re-organise the filing cabinets, repaint the walls, put up a mural, bring in some office friendly plants. Studies have shown that introducing plants into the office environment can improve morale. Whats to lose? And you might just surprise yourself with how effectively this can help you get your mojo back!

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