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Staying Sane Through Growth Spurts

By on Nov 24, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

Have you taken on a new client, won a new contract or experienced an influx of new clients that is great for your business, but seems bad for your health? It is a given that all small business owners fist pump when they land a new account or contract that is going to bring them in substantial funding, however the affect that this new business is going to have on staff and existing clients is often not considered.

Taking on the business of a large client is wonderful and does open up opportunities for small business owners, but first and foremost you need to ensure that you have the resources to cover the growing burden which is the workload. Your business needs to be sufficiently staffed, the staff need to be effectively trained, and you as the business owner need to be prepared if there is short falll in any area.

Growth is not as easy as it may first seem.

Growth is not as easy as it may first seem.

Sometimes new business is thrust upon us and we are as unprepared for it as school leavers are for real life! As business owners we compromise our time and even our health to transition into a period of change, but does it have to be so? If you are fortunate enough to have great staff who are happy to fill gaps and assist in the transition then you are not only blessed with fabulous staff but obviously have a business worthy of their help.

If you find your business left with staffing gaps even after assistance by your clearly valuable staff and have been on a recruiting rampage, but alas your new recruits do not start for a few weeks off, there are a few steps that you can take as a business owner to reduce your own stress levels and help to lessen the impact of sudden change.

Take breaks often. As obvious as this seems, something as simple as walking away from your workstation and breathing some fresh air or going for a quick walk can reinvorgorate us, give us a fresh perspective and is great for our health! If you find yourself working overtime or doing split shifts this is even more important.

Eat well. Don’t rely on caffeine and chocolate to get you through if you are sleep deprived. Did you know that apples are more effective at giving you a longer burst of wakefulness and higher level of functioning than coffee? There is more than one reason to keep the fruit bowl on hand for you and your staff!

Exercise! Yes, we are told by doctors, nutritionist and all “Those” other people, that exercise is good for our health, the fountain of youth etc. During times of peak stress in our lives we forget that they are RIGHT! When we are stressed and tired we are the most likely to let our exercise regime slip and this is the time when we need it the most. By exercising we release endorphins, are able to sleep deeper, function more effectively during wakeful periods and are often just better people when we move our bodies daily!

Finally, if all else fails and you find yourself sleep deprived, moody but still doing the best you can for your business to deliver to clients during growth periods, get a massage! Our bodies hold our stress which affects us in ways we cannot even comprehend (Especially when we’re stressed!). “But I’m too busy to sleep, let along go our and get a massage!” I hear your cry! Well, there are many businesses out there that offer hardworking people like yourself mobile services and can come to you to knead out your knots and work through your sore spots leaving you refreshed and better able to cope.

Remember that taking on a new client which expands your business, although exciting AND exhausting at times does have its rewards and the hard time you are working through is a transition and this too shall pass! Focus on the rewards and what you are learning during this time, its not the destination but the journey in the end that strengthens both ourselves and our businesses!

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