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Customer Services: The hard truth and 5 ways to make it work for your business

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Take a closer look at your service.

Take a closer look at your service.

Are you boasting about your business’s exception customer service in your marketing, sales pitch or guarantee but are hit and miss in real life?  Despite the fact that satisfied customers keep coming back and gaining their loyalty it is your most important target.  So how can you guarantee great customer interactions that will mean return business and positive word of mouth referrals?  Here are 5 ways to ensure effective customer interactions.

1. When employing your customer service team, identifying a passion for ones work and an appetite for success should be your primary focus and skills level secondary.  It is easier to train someone in the technical aspects of their position than trying to instill a positive work ethic.  The most important quality to look for is a positive outlook and attitude.  Research shows that Australians would happily spend, on average, an extra 12% if it meant they recieved better service – Focus

2. Focus:  Nothing makes your customer feel less significant than diverted attention.  Don’t email/text/data entry while taking phone orders/enquiries:  your customer can hear your lack of focus and will interpret this as lack of interest in them, and changes are they won’t be coming back for repeat business.   Research shows that 85% of consumers are dissatisfied with their phone experience – Garter. 

3. You have 3 seconds in your first customer interaction to secure their attention for the next 3 minutes.  If you struggle to concentrate, be present and prepared for the customer interaction – face to face or over the phone – chances are you will fail to capture their interest, and have no doubt, this WILL affect the opening of a wallet.   We all want to be treated as individuals with individual needs so talk to them, listen to them and ENGAGE!  Forbes Magazine Research shows 73% of marketing managers of various large companies credit “Repeat purchase behavior” as integral to the definition of successful customer engagement– Are you aware of your Business’s repeat customers purchase behavior statistics?  If you don’t know – it’s time to work it out instead of assuming.

4. Test and measure your processes for handling customer concerns or complaints.  There is nothing worse than calling a company to complain and being told “Someone will be in touch later” or worse “No-one is available to take your call at the moment”.  Your customers expect IMMEDIATE action and training your staff in the process required for handling customer complaints will go a long way to assuring your customers that you are working toward a resolution for them.

68% of customer stop doing business with a company because of poor service.  Yet 95% of dissatisfied customers would continue to do business with a company if their problem was solved quickly and satisfactorily – International Customer Service Association.

5.  Answering machines, 10 second messages, robotic people answering and or the phone answered when personally preoccupied is poor and there is no excuses!  There are few things more frustrating than trying to contact a business you are thinking of spending money with and being unable to connect with them.  We are all busy.  Do you want your new business or enquiry to head over and do business with a competitor they found easily on the internet because you did not engage immediately by answering your calls or promptly returning website or email enquiry?

Research shows that 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.

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