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The Rise of the Virtual Service…

The Rise of the Virtual Service…

By on Oct 26, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

We have all heard those sayings that regularly get trotted out when discussing customer care businesses: The customer is always right is one of my personal favourites. Another is: Customer needs have an unsettling way of not staying satisfied for very long, which is very true for most consumers in this day and age.

So the question remains: How do we manage effective and complete customer interactions within our chosen businesses?

There are options out there for thsoe savvy enough to recognise and evaluate the requirements to keep their businesses growing and expanding. Staff training is an area that you, as an employer, can invest in and provide your customer care staff with the tools necessary to effectively manage their interactions with customers, but (and it’s a big but) what happens when the staff member decides to move onto new employment? Well, get over it because Yes the employee might move on and the majority of your training investment will go with them, benefiting another business. But, your business doesn’t have the time or money to waste on sub-standard customer care, poor skills, system problems, complaints preventing profits and your time and frustration now.

So what are the other options, I hear you frantically asking? I have one word for you: Outsource. It is a term that is bandied about with alarming regularity at the moment, usually accompanied by sighs, shrugs and questions regarding what this country is coming to and what are those people thinking. Well, to put it frankly everyone, they are thinking of their businesses and so they should be if they want to continue trading as a profitable, healthy business entity in “this world”. There is no longer any room for those who are not dedicated and willing to put in the hours and make the hard decisions to be successful. Which is why Outsourcing has become such a hot commodity.

This is the technology age and who is to say that the person answering your phones has to physically be in your office? Or the person accountable for team scheduling and product movement has to be onsite at your business every day? This is the beauty of the Virtual Service! You can engage a virtual service with pre-trained specialists without your having to invest in that training, have your calls answered, your scheduling complete, your product movement and quoting taken care of by operators who are comfortable with different and changing technologies. Your investment is limited, with no ongoing staff costs such as office space, wages, penalties, superannuation, workcover and you can be assured that your outsourced operators are present, service driven and silently supporting your business!

The question now is: Why wouldn’t you make it work for you business?

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