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Signs Your Business Might Need A Virtual Office

By on Oct 20, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

1. Your employees are having difficulty completing their work because of frequent phone interruptions. A virtual office would handle most of these calls, letting your crew stay on task and work more efficiently and integrating in with your business.

2. Your sales team is making paper airplanes. In this case, you need a virtual office that can funnel high quality, information rich leads and document to keep your sales people busy, organised, engaging and growing your business.

3. You want to close shop, take lunch, work more onsite or pick up the kids from school, but you’re afraid you’ll miss out on business or not be ready to take that call, record all follow up info and blow it. With a virtual office to answer customer questions, engage to be excited about the business and team, take orders and schedule appointments you can relax, concentrate on what is important to you and stay competitive.

4. You want to test run your new ideas, sales campaign and customer service processes or programs before investing in staff and infrastructure. Think before investing in full $$ software and infrastructure. Pay as you go models can be much more cost effective.

5. You want to start up your business with a professional front door, organised approach without overheads or staff worries or up size without the massive costs. Your virtual office is the answer to addressing resources needs.

6. Your IT or technical personal are overwhelmed with calls and requests. A help call service could be the answer to back up and assist.

7. Your cutting down trees. Paper notes, Paper diary, paperwork, applications, processing is getting out of control. Your virtual office like Gretchen Operations can give your the freedom of single entry, automating and giving your visibility to your business where ever you can access the internet from.

8. Callers are hanging up or entertained by a message bank or you’re finding yourself returning calls afterhours then a virtual office is the key to balancing your work day, providing effective communications and maximizing the dollars coming into your business and boosting your brand.

Yes the right virtual office is important and there is lots of choice out there and what you get can be difficult to work out.

If you’re looking for the flexibility to bend the rules and create a customer care virtual office with your flavour then Gretchen Operations is here ready for a conversation about how we can work in with your business by calling : 1300 740 078.

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